How one measures success can be done various ways. But for award winning film maker Matthew Marshall, no matter how you measure it he declares the Chatham Kent Film Festival on Saturday April 22nd a success. And most people would agree. Marshall went into the Chatham Kent Film Festival with two films he was heavily associated with, plus a couple others he worked on, all as Official Selections in the festival. He walked away with a success premiere  of his newest co-produced short film Struggles Within and two more awards for Tuned In. Tuned In picked up a Best Production Design Award and Best Supporting Actress for Corina Leatherdale who played the mother. The film now has won 24 awards, 15 Official Selections, 3 Official Nominations and one official finalist award at Festivals around the world.


But the bigger moment for Marshall might have been the screen premiere of the new short film Struggles Within about depression. The short film is the story of one young woman’s struggle told through dance. It was a co-production between IME Films and m & s Marshall Productions. “This film is so vastly different then what I have been a part of in the past and it is something very special in the content and what it can bring to the table in the people that see it,” says Marshall.



It was a full day for Marshall and the m & s Marshall production team members that were there. Marshall arrived for the 10 am doors open to mingle with people that were coming to see film. The program for the Festival started with the first session of films at 11 am. Two more sessions of films ran through out the day and into the evening. Marshall sat on the film panel discussion which started at 8 pm and then the awards were handed out at 9 pm. “All and all the day was long but very good. I am extremely pleased with the day”‘ Marshall says.


A few of the dancers were able to make it to the premiere of Struggles Within, Including the films lead Katie Ostojic was well as some of the moms of others,  but for the most part most of the dancing cast were not there from Struggles Within for the premiere due to dance competitions in London Ontario.  Marshall is hoping to organize another showing with the films co-producer and Director Corrinne Wood. Marshall’s company worked with Wood’s IME Films to make the production.


When asked about Tuned In’s awards at the festival. Marshall was ex-tactic. “Oh I am so very happy. First and fore most Corina Leatherdale deserves to win for her amazing performance of the Mom in the film. The Production Design award is just another example of how festivals like a lot of the aspects of this film in various ways,” Marshall comments. The films lead Marley Cabral was shut out of any awards although she was nominated. But she was up against some stiff competition in Maritza Brikisak the lead actress of The Lurking Man.  Who in the end walked away with the award for lead Actress in the festival. No to mention The Lurking Man won a number of other awards.


This marked the return of the Chatham Kent Film festival after a bit of a break. The festival ran for 2 years from 2013-2014 and was left with no one to lead it  as the festival director and not many volunteers to run it.  ”Now with a new base of individuals to run it, the festival was back for the 2017 festival and bigger than ever,” said this years festival director Stephen LeGresley. The festival was hosted at the cultural heart of Chatham-Kent, the Cultural Centre’s Kiwanis Theater. The festival is classified an International Film Festival and showcased films from established and emerging filmmakers from around the world. 



Marshall was asked at the end of the festival what was next?  ” Well two things. First to continue to promo Struggles Within and get together with Corrinne and decide what our next moves are. And second to get back to work to finish our new short film Malicious Attack which is almost finished film,” Marshall said with a smile. Malicious Attack has about a dozen more scenes left to film. The film will feature some very familiar faces to what was seen at the Chatham Film Festival as a number of the cast was either in Tuned In or Struggles Within or both. This faces included; Katie Ostojic, Corina Leatherdale, Morgan Flanagan, Marley Cabral, Helena Rose, Elina Lattanzio, and Jamie Rainbird. As well as some new faces in April Booth, TInadra Edwards, Kailey Dennis,  Dina Jasim, Aaliyah Paul, and Ian James Smith


Information on Marshall’s films can be found on IMDb at the following links:


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