Filming of the new feature film Summer of Discovery directed by Corrinne Wood and produced by her production company IME Films in association with m & s Marshall Productions. The co-owner of Marshall Productions Matthew Marshall is the co-producer and assistant director on the project.


The production filmed on Saturday June 10th in London Ontario and continued with a second day on Sunday June 11th with filming in Port Stanley and St Thomas.


The film has a lot of familiar faces that people will recognize from Malicious Attack as well as some other films that Marshall and Wood have done.


The biggest cast member to have been seen in prior productions is Morgan Flanagan as the lead role of Megan Matthews. Flanagan was in Tuned In, Struggles Within and most recently secondary lead in Malicious Attack. Other familiar faces included;  Corina Leatherdale ( Addictions, Daughter of the King, Tuned In, Malicious Attack), Helena Rose (Tuned In and Malicious Attack),  April Booth (Malicious Attack)  Aaliyah Paul, (Malicious Attack) Ian James Smith (Malicious Attack), Max Steinberg (Malicious Attack),  ), Emma Lee Willsie (Malicious Attack), Serena Webber (Malicious Attack) Kyra Ramos, (Malicious Attack) Zachary Wilson( Malicious Attack), Ashley Payton Wood (Struggles Within), Nia Wood (Struggles Within & Malicious Attack), Leila Hogg (Malicious Attack) Other cast members who are part of Summer of Discovery include Jackson Diebold, Mike Beausejour, Christopher Tanych, Dante Albidone, Callum Aldworth,  Caitlin Burridge, Dawson Burridge,  Emma Sneider.


Filming of the feature will continue through out the summer and into the fall.

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