The first production meeting of the feature film Summer of Discovery with cast and crew was held on Saturday February 4th.  The meeting was run by the film’s writer and director Corrinne Wood.  She is co-producing with Matthew Marshall, Dave Jackson and Mike  Beausejour. The film will be produced under the banner of IME films and will be in assiociation with m & s Marshall Productions.


The meeting brought together a number of the cast members and much of the preliminary paper work was done and pre-production matters were discuss. As well as head shots and pictures for props. Crew also had a production meeting and behind the scenes matters were discussed.

The cast features a number of familiar faces that will be known to those that have seen the films by Marshall and Wood. Included in the cast is Morgan Flanagan, Helena Rose, April Booth, Elina Lattanzio, Aaliyah Paul, Kailey Dennis, Tiandra Edwards, Corina Leatherdale, Ian James Smith, Max Steinberg, and  Kyra Ramos. All who were a part of the short film Malicious Attack. Some of those same people have also been a part of other films including Struggles Within and Tuned In.

‘Summer of Discovery’ is a film about a teenage girl Megan, that goes on a very unexpected adventure for the summer, and in the process she discovers herself, and finds the courage to be true to herself, regardless of what others think. Filming will take place over the summer of 2017. 

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