The Cast and crew of Summer of Discovery got back to nature with filming of the feature film when they went to a private residence with a lot of natural space to film scenes for the film. The cast was made up of the core group that was the lead roles and the group of youth 9 to 13 years old that are the wilderness Rangers of the film.

The film is being made under the banner of IME Films in Association with m & s Marshall Productions.

The cast of Summer of Discovery features a number of very familiar faces as they were a part  previous films by these two companies. Mainly m & s Marshall Productions owner Matthew Marshall’s latest short film that is in post production Malicious Attack.  Both productions included; Morgan Flanagan, Helena Rose, Tinadra Edwards, Aaliyah Paul, Ian James Smith, April Booth, Corina Leatherdale, Elina Lattanzio,Serena Webber, Max Steinberg, Kyra Ramos, Emma Lee Willsie, and Jamie Rainbird. But Marshall cautions, “Just because you see a lot of the same faces don’t expect to see the same style of characters. A number of the cast take on very different roles” says Marshall. One of those is Morgan Flannagn which Marshall says “you will hardly recognize in some parts of Summer of Discovery”. Flanagan is the lead role of Megan Mathews in Summer of Discovery. Serena Webber who had a small part in Malicious Attack plays a bigger role of the little Sister Abbey Mathews in Summer of |Discovery. April Booth has a role very different in Summer of Discovery to the one she plays in Malicious Attack. Same goes for Helena Rose. Summer cast members Talitha Wood and Corina Leatherdale were among the cast of Malicious Attack but they also had major roles in Tuned In as well. Another production of Marshall’s.   Helena Rose was also part of that short film. “When you find people you like to work with and they have the diversity to play different roles you bring them back”, says Marshall



Malicious Attack was directed and written by Marshall and was lead by Marshall’s company m & s Marshall Productions but IME Film’s was in association. “The two companies work side by side and whoever’s film it is takes the lead” says Marshall about the partnership. IME is lead by Wood but also includes David L Jackson who not only is a producer of the film but also the Director of Photography, Also Mike Beausejour who is another of the producers and  is the film’s editor as well as playing the role of Ranger Grizz in the film..


Summer of Discovery will continue filming for the rest of August and will have a couple film dates in September as well. The film is going to be family rated and is a coming of age film for many of the main characters.


The film can be found on IMDB at

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