The cast and crew of the up and coming new feature film Summer of Discovery by IME films met on Sunday March 26th for a production meeting. The film is slated for filming over the summer of 2017 and is written and directed by Corrinne Wood. The film will be co-produced between Wood and Matthew Marshall who is bring his production company m & s Marshall production into association with IME films to partner on another production. The duo has made a few films together. They partnered for Wood’s dance Film about depression Struggle Within, The wood partnered with Marshall on Malicious Attack. Now Marshall is helping out in the producing of this new coming of age film in Summer of Discovery. The film is about a teenage girl Megan, that goes on a very unexpected adventure for the summer, and in the process she discovers herself, and finds the courage to be true to herself, regardless of what others think. We still have a few openings for volunteer crew, so send us a message if you or someone you know would like to get involved.


A number of the cast members will be very familiar to Marshall’s film fans. Summer features Morgan Flanagan as the lead of Megan. Morgan has been in Tuned In, Struggles Within and Malicious Attack, Corina Leatherdale from Daughter of the King, Tuned In and Malicious Attack, Jamie Rainbird from Tuned In and Malicious Attack. Helena Rose from Tuned In and Malicious Attack. Also the Summer of discover features a number of other names that were part of Malicious Attack including; Elina Lattanzio, Tiandra Edwards, Ian James Smith, Kailey Dennis, Aailyah Paul, April Booth, Max Steinberg, and Kyra Ramos

Filming will be at locations in London, St Thomas and Port Stanley for most of the scenes. With Strathroy and Chatham being the locations for a few of the scenes as well.

Visit IME Film’s website for more updates on the project as it moves forward.

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