One of the scenes for Blue Love is the lead character Kaitlyn Butler’s wedding. As she flashes back to when she married the love of her life. It is not a scene that you can fake easily. ” A wedding is a wedding and it has to have a certain look”, says the film’s director Matthew Marshall of m & s Marshall Productions.  So that involved the film’s Lead Helena Rose being in a wedding dress. A wedding dress is not the easiest costume to reach out and get. So the Production team reached out for some help.  That help was none other than Costume Designer Janice Ulbrich at the request of iFilmGroup co-founder Don Hickey provided seamstress services for “Blue Love”, she was asked to help out for the wedding dress for the scenes that were to be shot at St John’s Presbyterian Church in Port Stanley.

Janice Ulbrich is a seasoned professional seamstress with over 45 years in the industry, and a graduate of Ryerson in Fashion Design and Merchandising. Janice’s thrilling career has led her to work for notable corporations including Vogue, Linda Lundstrom Inc., Macy’s Bloomingdale and Walt Disney World. Her greatest achievement was working in the Animal Kingdom costuming and her daily activities included the dressing of characters for the parades. Additionally, Janice uses her talents sewing and designing for clients including the Winter Ball for the Children’s Hospital.

The end results of Ulbrich working on the dress created a stunning look at many extras who were wedding guest comment on. “it certainly brought the scene to life”, says Marshall. “Everyone thought they were at a real wedding”‘ adds Hickey.  With the help of this creative person, it brought a fairytale feel to a scene that was a happier time in kaitlyn’s life. Blue Love continues to film as it moves towards finishing production.


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