The Short film Tuned In has captured 4 (four) more awards. This time at the International Independent Film Awards.  A festival that Tuned In’s director Matthew Marshall’s film Daughter of the King won awards at previously. Tuned In picked up four silver awards including; Marley Cabral- Actress in a Leading role, Corina Leatherdale – Actress in a Supporting Role, Jamie Rainbird – Actor in a Supporting role and Matthew Marshall – Directing.


The short film, was made under the banner of m & s Marshall Productions by its co-owner Matthew Marshall who along with directing the film also wrote it.  Tuned In deals with family, relationships, cell phones and communication.  “Finding the right frequency on a radio is crucial to hearing the program that is on the air. The same is true for relationships”, says Marshall. The film is a story about Emma (Marley Cabral), a teenager who disobeys dinner table rules of her parents and gets grounded until she learns to get priorities straight and learns the value of relationships.  “A major part of the story deals with the frustration of Emma’s parents and friend Stacey, none of whom can seem to get ‘tuned in’ to Emma’s frequency and break her connection with her cell phone”, adds Marshall. It’s a film that ask the question Are You Listening?


Along with Marley Cabral the cast also includes; Corina Leatherdale as mom,  Jamie Rainbird as the father, Talitha Wood as Emma’s best Friend Stacey and Brittany Sterling as Emma’s sibling. Other cast included:  Helena Rose, Julia Brown, Tyrel Hindley, Katie Ostojic, Morgan Flanagan, Riley Krebs, Katelynn Carrothers, Amber Hinderer, Shannon Siertsema and Terry Pridham


The film has now won 28 awards, 17 Official Selections, 3 Official Nominations, 1 official finalist award and 1 Official Semi Finalist Award at Festivals around the world.



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Marshall feels this film is a great discussion starter if you want to bring the device dependency issue to the table and, the moral of the story is just breathtaking.


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