The short film Tuned In has received an Official Selection at the 2016 Cutting Edge International Film Festival. The Festival will officially take place November 3rd 2016, through November 12th, 2016.


Soon the festivals Virtual Theatre screenings of films will open, I encourage everyone to share with friends and  family, to take in the screening of the film through the festival on it’s website.


Through viewing and voting for Tuned In we can qualify for the Audience Choice Award. Each Virtual Attendee cast ONLY one vote for what that attendee feels is most deserving of the 2016 CEIFF Audience Award. Through votes we can be amoung those nominated and selected as an Award Winner. The film with the most audience votes will be chosen as the winner of this award.

This is Tuned In’s 5th Official Selection at film festivals with a chance to add to it’s 21 awards it has already won. The film Features an amazing cast consisting of Marley Cabral, Corina Leatherdale, Jamie Rainbird, Talitha Wood and Brittany Sterling.

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