The freight train has left the station and no one knows where it will stop.  Coming off his widely success feature film Daughter of the King the writer and director of Tuned In Matthew Marshall, the co-owner of m & s Marshall productions, did not know what to expect with this new short film. But if the success of the online premiere on Monday August 1st  is any example this film is headed only in an upward direction.  In 24 hours the film being on Vimeo for it’s online Premiere it has amassed over 1000 views. “It blows me away” says Marshall. he goes on to say “To think the film reached 1000 views and counting in it’s first day on Vimeo”.  Marshall is so very proud of his team and what they have made in this production. Marshall  would also like to extend a big thank all the people that have made this happen. The wonder cast and crew that worked on this production. he thanks them for all there tireless work to make Tuned in what it has become.


He wishes a  very big thank you to the people who helped promote the film and shared it. also a VERY HUGE special huge thank you to each and everyone that watched the film and helped get us to 1000 views in our first day.



“We really appreciate everyone that contributed to making this happen. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. The teens that will see this will thank you. The parents who use this to start discussions with their teens will thank you!” Marshall expresses.


Marshall once again says “thank you” to everyone that watched it.


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