The dramatic short film Tuned In recently received an Official Selection from the Chatham-Kent Film Festival which was the films 14th Official Selection at festivals. But the accolades for the film from this festival may not be done as the film has been nominated for awards. The film has been nominated in the Best Short category which opens the door for it to be in contention to win the “Best of Festival” award. Also Corina Leatherdale who plays the mother in the film has been nominated for “Best Supporting Actress”.  The film has been nominated in the Best Production Design Category.


Along with Tuned In Marshall also has his co-production with IME Film’s Struggles Within making it’s festival debut as an Official Selection as well. This will be Struggles Within’s Official Premiere and Marshall is excited to get the film released. “It is a great story told through dance about depression. I think it is a film that is going to effect and help a lot of people” Marshall offers.


Marshall’s films also have some chances to win the People’s choice awards at the festival. Tuned In’s lead Marley Cabral has been nominated in the People’s Choice Lead Actress category. Where the people that view the festival get to pick who wins the award. Fellow Tuned In cast member and the lead dancer of the short Film Struggles Within, Katie Ostojic has also been nominated in the people choice category for lead actress.  Tuned In and struggles got nominations to be selections in the People choice ballet for short film. 


Any awards that Tuned In picks up will go along with the films 14 Official Selections, previous 22 awards, 3 Official Nominations and 1 Offical Finalist award the film has already received in Festivals around the world.  The Chatham Kent Film festival will take place on Saturday, April 22, 2017 and marks the return of the much anticipated Chatham-Kent Film Festival! The festival ran for 2 years from 2013-2014, and now makes its return. Hopefully bigger and better than ever. More information about the festival can be found on the web site at


The short film Tuned In deals with family, relationships cell phones and communication.  “Finding the right frequency on a radio is crucial to hearing the program that is on the air. The same is true for relationships”, says Marshall. The film is a story about Emma (Marley Cabral), a teenager who disobeys dinner table rules of her parents and gets grounded until she learns to get priorities straight and learns the value of relationships.  “A major part of the story deals with the frustration of Emma’s parents and friend Stacey, none of whom can seem to get ‘tuned in’ to Emma’s frequency and break her connection with her cell phone”, adds Marshall.


The cast of the film is Marley Cabral as Emma, Corina Leatherdale as mom,  Jamie Rainbird as the father, Talitha Wood as Emma’s best Friend Stacey and Brittany Sterling as Emma’s sibling. Other cast included:  Helena Rose, Julia Brown, Tyrel Hindley, Katie Ostojic, Morgan Flanagan, Riley Krebs, Katelynn Carrothers, Amber Hinderer, Shannon Siertsema and Terry Pridham


The festival will be a break for Marshall from filming his newest short film Malicious Attack. Marshall has some upcoming scenes for the film with actresses  Aaliyah Paul, Elina Lattanzio and Dina Jasim. The film is being produced under the banner of m & s Marshall Productions, in association with IME Films and takes a twist on the traditional bully story line as at its heart it is a ‘good girl gone bad’ due to being bullied. This lead character is named Naomi and is played by Katie Ostojic.  Savannah (Elina Lattanzio) bullies the “outcast” Raven (played by April Booth), the “Pregnant Teen”, Sara (Played by Tiandra Edwards)  and the “immigrant” in Linda (played by Dina Jasim).

Marshall welcomes the break from production to celebrate his previous films and see them on a big screen. “it’s always fun to see your work on screen and to see people’s reactions to it,” Marshall says as he looks forward to the festival and what might come of it.

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