Radio listeners in the London Ontario area were encouraged to “Tune in” today, Wednesday June 1st at 4:15 pm for the on air segment on 99.9 Faith FM with radio host Marion S as she talked with 12 Disciples co-founder and award winning Daughter of the King Movie director Matthew Marshall. The segment was updating listeners about the film Daughter of the King and it’s award success. Matthew R. Marshall also talked about the newest project and venture with the 12 Disciples Tuned In, a Christian short film in which Marshall wrote and directed. Tuned In has been done under the banner of 12 Disciples in association with m & s Marshall productions and Productionmark.   The film is about Emma (Marley Cabral), a teenager who disobeys dinner table rules of her parents (Corina Leatherdale and Jamie Rainbird)  by having her cell phone at the table, gets grounded until she learns to get her priorities straight and learns the value of relationships.  Marshall’s was also promoting his previous interview on “Conversations” with Marion which was being replayed. As part of the segment Marion S recorded some Radio voice segments that will be part of Tuned In’s opening credits sequence. Also there was a special give away of  two DVD copies of Daughter of the King to two radio listeners.

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