The official online premiere of the short film will be shown on August 1st!  The link to view the film will be active and live on the 1st of August.


Tuned In, is about tuning into relationships and tuning out electronic devices like cell phones is causing people to “tune in” to see what the film is about.  “Finding the right frequency on a radio is crucial to hearing the program that is on the air. The same is true for relationships”, says the film’s director and writer Matthew Marshall. The concept of “tuning” into what is important in our lives is the theme of this new short film that was filmed in the London, Port Stanley and Chatham-Kent region.


The film is a story about Emma, a teenager who disobeys dinner table rules of her parents and gets grounded until she learns to get priorities straight and learns the value of relationships.  “A major part of the story deals with the frustration of Emma’s parents and friend Stacey, none of whom can seem to get ‘tuned in’ to Emma’s frequency and break her connection with her cell phone”, says Marshall.


Emma is played by London, Ontario native Marley Cabral who relates to the story. Cabral like many other teens, these days relies on her smart phone as her “connection” to the world and friends. “I relate to Emma, in that I know exactly what she is going through in the film”, says Cabral. She goes on to say “phones are the lifeline of all teenagers at this age. We all are so connected to our devices” adds Cabral.


Corina Leatherdale plays Emma’s mom in the movie, and she thinks it’s a film that many families should sit down and watch. “This film will touch families because they will relate to the central themes that this film’s family are dealing with”, Leatherdale says. She thinks it’s a film that teenagers should watch with their parents and then have a discussion about how this might apply to their home and family.  Marshall explores that idea a little deeper.   “The film is relevant and timely in society today as it explores issues of teens being connected to social media and their electronic devices but not connected to family and other personal relationships,” Marshall says when talking about the film. Marshall goes on to talk about the fact that if people are honest the majority of them, under the age of forty check their smart phones compulsively, especially the younger generation and especially teens. The more people use them the more often the urge is to look at them.  “Cell phones are this powerful computer that gives us constant information; the new, the interesting and unpredictable. We feel rewarded with every Facebook post, text and new tweet”, Marshall comments, when talking about the central issue of the film. The need to know what’s going on and be connected all the time, is one of the hallmarks of an addiction.  “The use of mobile devices is like a drug. As with any drug over time, overuse can be destructive. It isolates us from the world around us”, adds Marshall.


The film is done under the banner of Marshall production Company m & s Marshall Productions.  Marshall is coming off the success of his award winning feature film “Daughter of the King”, which won twenty eight awards, three official nominations and fourteen official selections in film festivals around the world, included six directing awards for Marshall himself.


Along with Cabral as Emma and Leatherdale as the mother the rest of the cast includes; Jamie Rainbird, Talitha Wood and Brittany Sterling.  The film will also feature a number of extras from London area. The crew is made up of people from Chatham and London.


Marshall feels this film is a great discussion starter if you want to bring the device dependency issue to the table… and, the moral of the story is just breathtaking.


Marshall encourages people to make sure they “Stay Tuned” for the release of the film on August 1st 2016 and for them to “tune in” to the right station to find out more about the film!


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