Tuned In wins big at the Christian Online Film Festival.  Including winning 2016 COLFF Award for ‘Best Mini-Film’,


The film also won;


COLFF ‘Best Message’ award for telling us we need to put down the digital devices and spend more time with family and friends

COLFF ‘Father Award’ for best showing how a father should interact with his children

COLFF ‘Family Award’ for showing a family eating dinner together

‘Best Producer’ for Florin Marksteiner,

‘Best Director’ for Matthew Marshall,

‘Best Actor’ for Jamie Rainbird who plays dad,

‘Best Actress’ for Corina Leatherdale who plays the Mother,

‘Best Actress Supporting’ for Talitha Wood who plays Stacey,

‘Best Actress Teen’ for Marly Marley Cabral who plays Emma,

‘Best Actress Child’ for Brittany Sterling who plays Emma’s Sister,

‘Best Props’ for Sharon Marshall,


Festival is quoted as saying “This awesome film tells the story of Emma, a teenager who disobeys dinner table rules of her parents by having her cell phone at the table gets grounded until she learns to get priorities straight and learn the value of relationships. Congratulations Mr Marshall, m & s Marshall Productions and everyone who was in and made this film happen, it is very powerful, and had a great message for all of us! God Bless!” – COLFF


Tuned In director and writer Matthew Marshall had this to say with the big win, “it is an outstanding start to the festival run for Tuned In. I am very excited to see where things go from here.”


Tuned In has a number of other festivals still to return results on so it is possible this little film could bring in more awards then its feature length counterpart Daughter of the King that is just wrapping up its festival circuit.

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