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Marley Cabral is a native of London, Ontario is an up and coming actress that is passionate about craft.  She is playing the lead role of “Emma” in the short  film “Tuned In” by m & s Marshall Productions. Cabral also played the role of “Brittany” in Marshall short film Malicious Attack.  Past acting roles included  being a part of a number of Original Kids Theatre Company productions including  “Green Girl in Shout, “Billy” in Honk, “Daughter” in Pirates of Penzance Jr, and  “Lulu” in The Best Haunted House Ever, “Camilla” in Starmites and “Women #1” in Trojan Women.  She has played a student in the 12 Disciples short film Crucified and also a student in the TV series Kids Town.





 Corina Leatherdale has previously work with Tuned In’s director Matthew Marshall and m & s Marshall Productions in two previous Christian feature films. She played ”Counselor Elizabeth” in Addictions. Corina was also the assistant director on that film. Most recently she played “Detective Higgins” in Marshall’s award winning feature Daughter of the King. Corina’s passion for the arts was ignited in grade one when she played Goldilocks in the Three Bears. Her passion took her to Vancouver at twenty-one to study at Gastown Actors Studio where her class was the first graduating class of the two year full time program. Past credits included; The Ragman, Twelfth Night, Mad Forest, Electra, Whose Life Is It Anyway?, “The Vancouver Fringe Festival, 1995”; as well as, various directorial roles. Corina has directed, co-wrote and produced a docu-drama called Even Me; which is the story of a young woman recruited into prostitution through addiction. Throughout the years Corina has directed and participated in many church productions and presently co-leads the “Creative Worship Ministry” at her church.




Jamie Rainbird’s previous acting experience includes a number of TV commercials ranging from Government to one for a Consumer Electronics Store. Jamie has also been a part of several short films including;  “John”, the lead role of a struggling husband and father in Falling For You, the “Bank Manager” in J; “School Board Member” in Malicious Attack and Mr. Salmon in Ronny’s Bench. He is hoping to expand his horizons in the various genres of film and he is always open to an exciting challenge, meeting new people and to learn new things.



Talitha Wood is very proud to be apart of the Tuned In cast as  ”Stacey” the best friend of Emma. Her other acting screen credits in film included;  “Rita” in Zenno, an “Orphan” in Dark Betrayals, a “Zombie” in Devils by Definitions,  “Brooklyn Mapleton” a high school student in Malicious Attack and an extra in USB. She was also an “Inner Demon” in the short film Struggles Within told entirely through dance. Talitha is a very talented dancer and is very happy to have the opportunity to showcase her acting and dancing talent as part of any production.



This is Brittany’s screen debut. But don’t let her lack of screen credits fool you. This talented actress has been studying drama and feels this is just the first step in many roles to come.

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