Walk to the Cross

Production Pictures

Angela Angela2 Cast-Picture Chris-teaching Dr-Chris Face-off fight2 Group1 Head-Officer HO-and-Angela HO-and-Jr1 Jessica Jr-officer-1 Jr-officer2 Judge Justine Kneel-at-cross Last-Supper look1 Mary-&-Angela-court-scene Mary-and-HO Mary-Arrest Mary Paula Person1 peter-shot Peter Point-2 Walk-opening Alan Legg Brittany Ewing Bryce Jones Dennis Clift Gary Bodkin Heidi Shaw Holly Reid


Marcia is an avid theatre enthusiast and a multi talented performer. Marcia is a graduate of Fanshawe College’s Theatre Arts Program. She has a long list of shows and productions she has been a part of. Theatre credits included; Sadie Munro in “The Walking on Water“, Paulina, in “The Winter’s Tale“, Wilhelmina Murray in “Dracula“, Geraldine in “Autumn Blooming“, Mary Snow in “Saltwater Moon“, Nikki Crandall in “Musical Comedy Murders of 1940” and Evillene in “The Wiz“. She has also been a part of several film and video/DVD productions. Two in which she has worked with Matthew Marshall and m & s Marshall Productions. First in the Award winning Play/DVD production Meaning of Christmas in which she played the role of Jennifer. She also played the lead Dr. Christine Johnson in the Play/DVD Walk to the Cross with m & s Marshall Productions. Other films include “Unique Identity“, “Infatuated” and “Mr Amour“.


Marissa is a passionate and talented actress. She has been involved in drama at various locations for a number of years. Past roles included Esther in “Ghosts of Our Past“, Flunkee in “John Lennon and Me“, Felicity & chorus in “Mr. Scrooge“, Reporter in “Miracle on 34th street” and numerous roles in youth theatre programs.


Shane is a strong Christian boy, who enjoys wrestling and Music. He has taken drama classes in High School, but this is his first production.


Alan Legg has had the pleasure of working with m & s Marshall Productions on a number of productions. He enjoys the chance to work with the multi-gifted and talented director Matthew Marshall. Alan played the role of the Reverend in the original production of Meaning of Christmas which was first done as a play in 2008 and later released to DVD in 2009. The role of the Reverend won Alan a Christian Dramatic Award for “Best Actor” in 2009. Alan also played the role of the Head Officer in Walk to the Cross with m & s Marshall Productions. He then reprised his role of the “Reverend” in the remount of Meaning of Christmas.  In his role as Gerald Drimmond in “There Goes The Bride“, he won the WODL 2011 Festival Award for Best Supporting Actor. Alan has remained active in local theatre and has played many parts over the years. He has appeared at the Elgin Theatre Guild, Aylmer Community Theatre, London Community players and the Capital Theatre.


Jessica is a very talented singer and song writer. As well as singing she is also a very accomplished piano and guitar player. Along with performing she teaches music to students. Previous acting experience includes playing Anna in the show “Ghost of Our Past“.


Heidi is talented in both singing and Acting. She enjoys every kind of music. She has taken drama at High School. Previous acting roles included two m & s Marshall Productions. Paula in Walk to the Cross as well as the roles of Robin & a young mother in The Great Banquet. Along with the arts Heidi also likes biking and soccer. She attends CECI High school and is a Christian.

JESS CAISSIE – Jr. Officer #1 & Viper #1

Jess is new to acting but she has always wanted to do it because she thought that she would be good at it. She enjoys playing baseball and has done it all her life. Music and movies are her all time favourite things!

BRYCE JONES – Jr. officer #2

Bryce has pulled on his experience as a former cadet at Lambeth Royal Canadian Air Cadets to play his role on Jr. Officer # 2 for Walk To The Cross. Past acting credits included playing the role of Alfred the second servant in The Great Banquet, a shepherd in “The Christmas Story“, Isaiah the Narrator in “Journey to Bethlehem” and Reader 5 in “Hosanna!“.

HOLLY REID – Justine

Holly brings a variety of acting experience. She has played Waverly Emerson in “The Final Road Trip”, Lady Capulet in “Wild Flowers“, Jasmin in “Aladin“, Butler in “Joseph“, a Prisoner/bodyguard in “Ariadnes Thread” and was in the Chorus in “A Chorus Line“. She has had acting training through the Grand Theatre and Original Kids.  Holly has also been part of Drama and Music Studies at Beal Secondary school.

NATYSHA RIEGER – Jessica & Viper #3

Natysha loves acting and being dramatic. Previous roles included Caitlin in “That Summer“, Shirley in the “Homecoming“, A Flunkie in “John Lennon and Me“, An Angel in “The Christmas Story“, Mary in “Journey to Bethleham” and Reader 3 in “Hosanna!“.

DENNIS CLIFT – Person #1 & Person #3

Dennis has appeared on stage in “Grease“, played Robbie in “The Wedding Singer” and Mushnik in “Little Shop of Horror’s”.


Brittany enjoys both being on stage and behind the scenes. She is a very talented Wardrobe / Costume person. She has experience with both props and wardrobe and has worked both behind the scenes during the show “Juvie“. Brittany also studies singing. Performing with the Arthur Voaden choir for 5 years, as well with the Robert Towers Singers. Brittany enjoys ball room dancing. Previous acting credits include a role in “Little Shop of Horror’s” by Noisy Mime Theatre Company.

GARY BODKIN – Judge William MacKenzie

Gary Bodkin has a vast experience in all aspects of media. His previous credits included a main part as pharmacist in “The Medicine Shoppe” TV commercial shown on cable channels nationally in USA. The main part as the “evil” Dr. Merrick Sandoval in “Cryo” drink TV commercial shown nationally in Canada, on YTV. Gary has been in radio commercials for Pontiac, Buick, Cadillac, and co host for the annual Easter Seals Telethon on Rogers Cable. He played the character of Rev. Hawthorn Dooly created from “The Home Coming” as well as he performed for the Spring Water “Candle Light Spirit Walk” in Dec 2009. Past theatre and film experience includes being in three Elgin Theatre Guild productions “Miracle on 34th Street.“, “The Senator Wore Panty Hose” and “The Home Coming” . He has also played the main character role in Short Drama film entitled “The Creator of Heroes and Villains“, Gary has also been a member of the cast of “The Who-Dun-It Players” performing regularly on the Murder Mystery Train rides in Port Stanley and other venues.


Michelle has always had a love for the Arts. Previously acting credits include being in “A Christmas Story” playing the role of a Shepard, and in “Star Wars” playing the role of a Jedi Knight. Michelle had a minor role in the Canadian TV Series “MVP: The Secret Lives of Hockey Wives“.

RAECHAL EWING – Stage Manager

Raechal’s previous crew credits included Stage Manager of “Juvie“, and Production Crew on “The Sting“. Raechal has a beautiful singing voice which she uses as part of the A.V.S.S. choir. Raechal also enjoys being part of cheerleading and has dance training.

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